Dog run fence are places set up specifically for your pet so that they can be safely left alone. If you plan to leave your pet outdoors for an extended period of time, you might want to well invest in a backyard exercise pen.

What is a Dog Run Fence?

A set up that your pooch will enjoy should be secure and have adequate space for exercise, shelter from the elements and plenty of fresh water. To keep your canine friend contained in your backyard for a time, whether you are home or away for the day, make sure to have a shelter designed for both comfort and safety.


Why Set a Dog Run Fence?

By setting up a pen with a kennel in your backyard,

  1. Your pet can feel protected and safe while thoroughly enjoying the outdoors and having enough room to move around freely.
  2. You benefit greatly from knowing your pet is safe from cars and cannot cause trouble or endanger themselves or others.
  3. A well-designed dog kennel run will protect him from bad weather, provide relief from temperature extremes, shade from the sun, and plenty of open space to play or rest around as he sees fit.

Considerations for Building a Dog Run Fence:

#1 Location

When determining a good spot to set up a permanent exercise pen you may want to consider setting in up near a near a tree or another spot that gets plenty of shade.

While any chain link dog run can be set up to provide an outdoor play area under pleasant conditions, a covered area is a necessity to help protect your pup from all different types of weather. A shaded area is easily overlooked but of utmost importance to your furry friend’s comfort.

#2 Size of Dog Run

The size of the dog run and kennel should be determined by the size of your animal, with enough space inside the house for your pooch to lie down, stretch out, turn around and stand up comfortably. Your pooch will appreciate a space that is long enough to allow him to sleep towards the back and avoid drafts of cold air and direct sunlight

#3 Kennel flooring

Kennel flooring is also an important feature to consider. If you set it up on a grassy area you may soon end up with a muddy mess inside the enclosure, so you may want to consider a concrete or gravel foundation.

Portable Dog Run Fences

As an owner who requires the versatility to move your pet’s home indoors or outdoors, or even in the back of a large vehicle for car trips, look into portable runs for your pooch. While they may not be as spacious and comfortable as some permanent backyard dog runs, they would make an excellent investment for someone who travels often with their canine friend or wants the flexibility to move his pen to a different location. One big advantage of a portable enclosure is that you will be able to place it in the shade in the summer time and move it into a sunny area in the winter.

Portable Dog Runs easily purchased and found in a wide variety of standard sizes at many dog supplies and large department stores. Even if you have a rather large animal that will not fit in any of the models that are stocked in the stores, many will special order one for you, helping you find one that is large and secure enough. Be sure to choose from dog runs that provide plenty of space, warmth from the cold, and protection from extreme heat, and your furry friend will appreciate his special place.