Routinely dog grooming is essential for your dog’s wellbeing and trimming excess fur off the dog’s body. Having a professional cut your pet’s hair can be costly, so a lot of people are happy to use their owned clippers to get the task done. Are you looking for the best dog clipper, but confused on which one to select

6 Best Dog Clippers – Product Reviews

After a thorough evaluation, the Team at PetCareGuyd has come with the list of Top 6 Dog Clippers in the market for professional and home use.

Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed Clippers

Best Dog Clipper - Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed ClippersThe Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed Clipper is one of the finest clippers in the Multi-Speed category. The clipper is perfect for all coats and breeds intended for heavy use, and you can use it on the entire body. ANDIS 5-Speed clipper has clipping speed ranging from 2500 to 4500 strokes per minute.

The Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed Clipper has an overall weight of 8.5 oz, which is relatively lightweight than the other clippers in the same range. It can be used on any pet as grooming is made easy with its detachable blades. It comes with removable ceramic edge blades, but you can also attach blades from other manufacturers. The ceramic blades though run longer and stay 75% cooler while running hence are more comfortable to work with. Also, the blades are very easy to clean and maintain.

The soft-grip design ensures that the handling comparatively is more comfortable and you get the ultimate control. These features make it the best dog clipper on our list.

Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional

Wahl Bravura Lithium ProfessionalThe Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional comes with the most advanced rechargeable Li-ion battery system. The clipper has a 90 minute of runtime with 60 minutes of charge time. The front body has a digital battery indicator which indicates the amount of charge left.

The clipper is equipped with high-grade steel 5-in-1 clipper blades adjustable from #9 to #40 (9-10-15-30-40) cut lengths. Also, the blade does not get hot while using the trimmer. The blades are Made in Germany so, rest assured about the quality. We found that the trimmer comparatively lightweight, quiet and producing little vibrations.
The clipper is available in 5 different colors Pink, Berry, Gun Metal, Turquoise, and Purple.

The trimmer is suitable for full body trim for small and medium-sized dogs and other small trimming jobs.

Wahl Motion Lithium Ion

Wahl Motion Lithium IonIf you are looking for an ergonomic clipper with a powerful clipping this one is for you. Wahl Motion is a Made in Germany clipper designed with the consideration that you get more power and control over the clipper. The clipper has a 5 in 1 adjustable blades that stays cools even while clipping.

Wahl Motion Lithium Ion has a run time of 90 minutes and a full charge time of 45 minutes. The clipper can also be used as a corded clipper in case you are running low on the battery. Wahl Motion Clipper is lightweight and slim. And comes with a Detachable scissor grip ensures that you greater control. The clipper is extremely quiet and has very little vibrations, yet is very powerful with up to 5500 strokes per minute.

Wahl Motion is great for small to medium-sized jobs.

Andis Super AGR+ Vet Pack

Andis Super AGR+Andis Super AGR+ is a professional grade clipper that falls under the Heavy Usage Cordless Category.  It provides the user a professional quality grooming. The lack of fan makes the operation of this dog clipper quiet enough to please the most sensitive dog This 7.5-inch cordless clipper the preferred choice of the professionals who require intensive use. The clipper has an ergonomic plastic housing with a rubber ring which is intended to prevent the clipper slipper from hand.

The clipper comes with a #10 ceramic edge blades which stays sharper longer and run cooler than the normal blades. You can use other universal blades as per your requirements. The Andis Super AGR+ operates at 3800 strokes per minute and yet fairly quiet while running. With a full charge of 60 minutes, you can run the clipper for about the same time. However, with the help of PowerGroom Cord Pack Adaptor, you can use the clipper as a corded one.

You also get a durable hard case and an additional battery pack with the purchase.

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper

Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal ClipperThis one is a budget-friendly heavy duty Professional Clipper from OSTER. OSTER A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Clipper is a heavy use clipper for the entire body. The clipper weighs 1 pound and 4 ounces and 7.25 inches in height. With everyday use, the Oster A5 Turbo is almost indestructible and has ribs around it making the clipper is easy to use.

OSTER A5 Turbo 2-SPEED operates at two speeds 3100 strokes per minute and 4000 strokes per minute to tackle any coat or mat.  Even at the high stroke speeds of the Oster A5 turbo, it is comfortable for use. The clipper comes with a #10 cryogenic blade, which is hardened and treated for performance and extended durability. The blade on this model detaches very quickly and is interchangeable with other blades in the series. Also, you are free to use Universal guide combs according to your requirements and convenience for additional safety and longer cutting lengths.

The OSTER A5 Turbo can be used by both professional groomers and by avid home users. It is even a good for a first time user who has no experience in grooming as it is very easy to use.

Wahl Professional Animal PRO ION Home Pet Grooming Kit

Wahl Professional Animal PRO ION Home Pet Grooming KitIf you are looking for a medium duty home grooming solution, then this one is for you. Wahl Professional Animal PRO ION is a made in USA pet clipper has a 2-hour run time. The clipper comes with 7 attachment guides to help you with the clipping.

The clipper has an adjustable blade with sizes #30-15-10 Adjustable Blade and it is simple to switch between the sizes. Not only do you get scissors and a comb, but also a detailed step-by-step DVD with instructions on how to use your clippers on your pet. We wouldn’t recommend this for small dogs as the clipper makes some noise while operating which might scare your little one.

Wahl Professional Animal PRO ION is ideal for medium sized jobs like light trimming and touchups, face, legs paws and ears.

How To Choose Dog Clippers

Dog clippers are the fantastic tool for your grooming set and are excellent at trimming of any kind, finishing off details around the face, leg feathers, and other parts. If you own a long-haired dog like West Highland White Terrier(Westie) or Poodle clippers are necessary for achieving a typical breed look.

1. Fur

Fur is an essential criterion for selecting a dog clipper as clippers and blades designed for specific kind of coat. If the fur is thick, you might require a heavy duty clipper and suitable blades to get through the thick hair. Also, fast-growing fur may need frequent haircuts which requires a more durable clipper. You can always go for the best heavy duty dog clippers listed above.

To identify kind of fur and how fast it grows, take a close look at your dog’s fur and monitor its growth over a period of few weeks or months. You will get a clear idea of which clipper to buy

2. Cordless vs Corded

Cordless clippers come handy if you have the mess with the wires or electrical outlet is not very accessible. Some people find it easy to maneuver using cordless clippers. Or in case if you travel with your dog a lot where you may always have access to electrical outlet. But if you are looking to get these clippers for professional use, you might want to consider the battery backup they give. We have listed the top dog clippers in both ranges.

3. Accessories

You can use dog clippers with a variety of accessories like the changeable heads and combs. These accessories help in trimming the coat as per your requirement, i.e., longer or shorter. Look for quality accessories so that you don’t harm your dog’s skin and coat.

Features to Look in a Dog Clipper

There are high chances that your dog might not just sit on the grooming table while you groom them. You need to ensure that you give them a pleasant experience and make it comfortable as possible so that its extremely easy for both of you.

There are few things that you might want to consider while investing a dog clipper so that you get things first time right. Below is you will want to look for when investing in an at-home pet clipper:

  • Ergonomic design: Look for an ergonomic design so that it does not produce much stress on your elbow and wrist while maneuvering over your dog’s coat. Best of the ergonomic clippers like the WHAL Motion will fit in your hand comfortably so trimming is an easy experience.
  • Break-resistant: What if you accidentally drop your trimmer? Look for a break-resistant so that you don’t ruin the device with such accidents
  • Maintenance free:  Look for trimmers which require comparatively less maintenance like oiling or taking out internal components.
  • High trimming speed: a strong electric motor which runs fast AND Noiseless
  • A cool running unit: so it doesn’t require fans and air vents that may become clogged and won’t get hot in your hand. Ceramic Edge blades from ANDIS or Cryogenic blades from OSTER will help you in keeping your blades cool.
  • Price: Of course we are all trying to save money; however this should not be the only deciding factor.

Tips for using a Dog Clipper

Even if you are using the best dog clipper, there are chances you might experience discomfort if you are clipping the wrong way. Here are some tips that you can use:

  • Use a long enough guard while clipping so that you do not hurt your pet.
  • If you experience that the blades are getting hot during trimming, take short breaks to avoid burning your dog.
  • Gently remove the mats that you encounter, don’t use clipper through.
  • Use sharp blades to avoid hair pull.
 Remember: Clean your dog’s coat before trimming, as dirt, oils, and mats could easily wear your clipper and ruin it.  

Wrap Up

Dog clipper is an excellent choice for dog owners as it offers great convenience and saves money. But as mentioned earlier, the type of coat needs to be the first taken into consideration before buying a dog clipper. Countless amounts of people highly rate all the dog clipper recommendations listed above. They each offer their unique features along with the requirements of any dog clipper.

Best Dog Clippers
  • Andis ProClip Excel 5-Speed Clipper
  • Wahl Bravura Lithium Professional
  • Wahl Motion Lithium Ion
  • Andis Super AGR+
  • OSTER A5 Turbo 2-Speed
  • Wahl Professional Animal PRO ION


Wondering which Clipper to buy for your dog? We have reviewed the Best Dog Clippers in the market to help you to choose the perfect one.